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My brother in law found these at GIE and bought a set. I found them online and for a dumb guy he’s pretty smart LOL! These are really great and make a big difference in the ride on my ZTrak. If you’re concerned about the cut being affected it isn’t at all. Get these you’ll love them.

David Edge from AL

Better Design than Original

For the life of me I couldn't figure out why there was never a fix for the rough ride before now. I absolutely love my Z930M but the back part of our ground is on the rough side and I would dread mowing it. I actually got to the point where I would mow it every other or every third time I mowed our front yard. I am very thankful to have found the ZGlide product as it has saved my back, kidneys, brain - everything from jarring around. Get them!

Pat Shank from Auburn


Ok, not a literal life saver but these are such a great addition to our Z930M. This really makes a big difference in comfort. My husband and I installed them very easily.

Lisa Christian from Louisville, KY

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